Dob in Ya Mum

If you like your mum, as you get older you begin to realize that the best parts of you are just distilled versions of her I reckon.  Especially humour.   My mum and I are usually close to peeing ourselves laughing when we get together.   Mostly me laughing with her at something she has said or done.

She lives in the States, and I miss her, and as I can’t get over to see her this Mother’s Day  my plan is to borrow yours instead.   I want to hear the funniest stories of your Mum’s and the one that has the story that cracks us up the most will win a very cool prize.

Oh and you can  nominate yourself.  I mean I crack myself up frequently so why shouldn’t mums be able to tell their own epic parenting stories.  Go ahead  spill the beans….

Prizes Supplied by:

Gillie Fox massage Therapist


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