I Miss My Mamma

Gifting 10 - $250.00 vouchers off of our Family Tree Portrait Sessions.


Here is the deal.  I miss my momma.

Mum lives in the States and my sister and I live here.  We can't be there with her and it has made these pictures all the more precious.    I want to be around love right now. To celebrate the glue that binds us all together.

So I am offering up a pay it forward session.  For $40.00 you can get a new family portrait taken at my outdoor studio in our Family Tree and on our beautiful native bush property.   There are 10 spaces available at this price and all of the profit goes to Every Body is a Treasure Trust.   Because we freaking are treasures and its times like these that we remember it.

This includes a one-hour photoshoot and a single image.  Additional images will be at regular studio prices.

The voucher code is: FamilyTree

You can pick your session here: