Post production is what is needed to give a photograph its professional edge to “look right”. Its nothing new – darkrooms from the years ago were the post production systems of the time.

Post production is a skill that takes up a LOT of time and effort to perfect. The ability to “see” things most us are not aware of because our minds filters the obvious. No this service is not cheap or done by amateurs.

Yes, post production can be about removing blemishes, bumps and lumps but unless it’s specifically asked for, post production is more about correcting colours, shadows, layout and making sure you look good and real.

Just standing under a tree or in grass can give you a green or yellow hue that a camera will pick up – things you don’t normally notice with normal sight.
Having stray hairs across your face can make you look like you have scars.
Shadows in the wrong place can make you look haggard and old.

To get this all right we need a good image – full stop. Bad images cannot be made to look good. Then we need top end equipment, calibration equipment and staff to get things right. Next it’s getting the right printer to print what we have worked on to print perfectly. Sometimes your order will need to be reprinted if we are not happy with the quality and the standard. So understand you are in good hands.

What is Post Production really all about?

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