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Session Fees

Normal Price With Voucher
Hair and Makeup and Styling Session for One with Mandi Lynn $150.00 $0.00 Makeover Session Voucher
Standard Photographic Session with Mandi Lynn $290.00 $0.00 Mini Session Voucher

Print Sizes

Image Longest side *Single Print & Digital Negative Cost – Post production included *Single – No Print – Digital Negative Cost – Post production included
10 inches (25.4cm) $397 $387
14 inches (35.5cm) $715  
19 inches (48.3 cm) $1413
30 inches (76.2 cm) $2800
*Images are discounted considerably if you buy more than one

Image Packages

Gold Silver Bronze
Number of Image Licenses 18 12 6
Printed image size 7×10 inch 7×10 inch 7×10 inch
Digital Negatives and the license to use/print the image as you please
Mojobox Size – Glass front display box for your printed images 11×14 inch 11×14 inch
Full Post Production
High Quality Prints with Acid Free 11×14 inch mats
BONUS Images – only with full payment on the day of the order session 2 (7×10) prints 1 (7×10) print 1 (7×10) print
Exchange multiple images for a larger image
Low Res DVD of Viewing images, perfect for Facebook etc An additional +80-100 Digital Images to share/print
Total Package Price $3999* $3600* $1999*
* discounted

Printing to Canvas

Optional: Canvas Prints instead of Photographic paper
Number of Canvas 7x10inch Prints 18 12 6
Canvas Prints Price $4439 $3996 $2220

Image Bundle

Silk Satin Single
Number of Image Licenses 4 2 1
Printed image size 7×10 inch 7×10 inch 7×10 inch
Digital Negatives and the license to use/print the image as you please
Full Post Production
High Quality Prints with Acid Free 11×14 inch mats
Exchange multiple images for larger images
BONUS Images – only with full payment on the day of the order session
Total Bundle Price $1413* $715* $397
* discounted
Optional: Canvas Prints instead of Photographic paper
Number of Canvas 7x10inch Prints 4 2 1
Canvas Prints Price $1569 $793 $441

Switching images for Larger Print/s

General Conditions and Information

General Conditions and Information

By agreeing to be photographed by our studio you are asserting that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography - NZIPP Standard Terms (Form 1104)). Specifically that we retain the copyright to all images that we photograph. Although we would never use your images without your consent. If however you do not wish our studio to use any images from your shoot in our studio publicity please let us know and we will happily oblige.

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Only 1 voucher per family/person/group can be used
Don’t forget to bring the Voucher with you.

Promotional Image

Only 1 image per family/person/group will be gifted as part of the promotion
The free image will be made available following a standard viewing session with all of the financial decision makers in the family present.
Standard post production includes colour correction and very basic image tidying
Image is our Standard size 2100px X 3000px (7 Inches X 10 Inches at 300dpi)
The image will be delivered digitally (by email) and watermarked with our A La Mojo logo

Delayed Orders

Please note that we keep your files for only 28 days after your photography session, unless a purchase/order has been made with an initial/full payment

“Minimum Spend”

There is no minimum spend required, but you will love the images we create for you and we do want you to leave with images you can cherish.

Are there payment plan options?

Yes, the only condition is that an Automatic Payment is setup (AP - weekly, fortnightly or monthly).
We have eftpos on site and do take credit cards too.

Privacy and Printing

Printing is done in-house to ensure your privacy. All Canvas and larger print images (above 19 inch) are done by a reputable printing firm. None of your images are every used elsewhere, unless and only with your permission, will we use your images on our websites, social media or email campaigns

Pay in full Bonus

One bonus image with a minimum order of 6 images (this excludes any promotional image), paid in full on the day. The bonus image promotion does not apply to 5 or less images purchased.
Two bonus images with a Gold Package order, paid in full on the day.

Warning about making photographer decisions based on price alone - “Look out for your self”

Here is an email I received the other day:

“I had to let you know that I wish I had taken your (and my own) advice!
I signed up for a photo shoot with a different photographer that included hair and make up. Was meant to be a celebration of me, and some tasteful boudoir shots but they are awful. No background, terrible poses that make me look three sizes heavier, just altogether awful. I wish I had just waited and saved and had your experience. Definitely a lesson learnt.
We had to pay for them first. My friend, who is in a similar position (single, kids, aging!) also got some done and she is equally horrified at the result! That will teach us to go for quality in future. ?? – Sandi “

This breaks my heart to hear this sort of thing. I have studied for years to perfect the art of showing off a woman exquisitely. I completely understand that there is nothing more vulnerable than taking your clothes off in front of a camera wielded by someone else and I hold it as a great honour the women that decide to shoot boudoir or fine art nudes with me. I am so protective wanting to help you to see your inner beauty being reflected on the outside and it freaking cheeses me off that there are knobs operating out there that are out to either catch a eyeful or just make a quick buck with their camera…grrrrrrrrrrr.

There is a fine art to making a woman feel comfortable enough to let her guard down and really show her beauty. There is a fine art to shaping a woman, posing her so that she looks breathtakingly beautiful. But more than that there is a responsibility that the photographer has morally to show the woman that beauty and not make her question it. My life’s work has always been about helping women to honour and celebrate their bodies exactly the way they are. I am a Master Photographer but before I earned that title my living was made helping women to effectively use their bodies and relax enough to deliver their babies. How is that relevant? Easy…I know how to relax a woman and show her how divinely feminine she can be. I have studied the fine art of women for 20 years and my clients constantly rave at how comfortable I make them feel, how beautiful the images turned out and how their confidence has grown by leaps and bounds after their shoot. How can you put a price on that really?

So please if you are feeling that my prices are out of your range that is totally fine but please do your homework before you sign up with another shooter and make sure that they are coming from a beautiful loving empathetic place, and have expertise in beautifully posing all shapes and sizes and ages of women, because babe you are worth it. At very least you will want to ensure that they are at least a member in good standing of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers. NZIPP members have a code of ethics and a body that monitors them. Also if you are having intimate shots done you will want to know that your digital images are safe with them and they have experience protecting the images from hackers as well. This is not something you really want to go cheap on.

So just a quick recap when you are deciding on a photographer:

  • Are they a cowboy or are they Professional and a member of their professional Organization? NZIPP or AIPA?
  • Do they come from a place of empathy, compassion, and understanding of women’s body sensitivity and beauty?
  • Are they empowering? Will you leave feeling better about yourself after your shoot or demoralized?
  • Are they artists? Can they artfully move a body to show off its best features no matter the age or shape of the body…ie are they only really interested in working with 20 year old models?
  • Do they have strong security set up for your images that keep them in a hacker free zone?

Contact Details

Contact Details

Phone: (04)210-7776

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