Teen Confidence Shoot


My style of photography is Romantic and celebrates your unique beauty.

Hazel Teacup
Mandi Lynn

If you are a bit shy in front of the camera don't worry.  Making everyone look good is my super power.   I will teach you how to move and pose in a way that shows off all of your best features.

What makes our studio unique in all of New Zealand?

We are the only studio that has started a Body Compassion charitable trust.  And we won the Wellington Airport Community Awards for the Category of Health and Wellness for the work that we do supporting Girl Power and Mental Wellness in the community.  For us, the photography is just the stepping stone to developing true self-compassion which is the true goal of all of our work. .



KayleeThe Day I spent made me feel strong and beautiful, very motivating and inspirational, it made me feel like anything was possible.
Mandi help me a lot with my self confidence. It is an experience I will never forget. Thank you so much I love the images.

Thanks again to you both. Images are absolutely beautiful.



Mandi Lynn
Mandi Lynn, a Master Photographer with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography is an internationally award winning photographer and stylist whose work has been featured in Vogue Italia and in International Photography Magazines. Her work has been features in exhibits… which makes her sound all posh and stuff but really she is just a cheeky, playful, down to earth farm girl who happens to be epic at turning peoples inner beauty into fine art.

Mandi’s goal is to give you an experience where you will have your eyes opened to your mojo, your spark, your secret sauce of awesomeness. She wants to help ignite a change in your life where you see how amazing you are right down to your core and cheer you on to start really bringing it out in the world. When that happens it is a beautiful thing to behold and it is why she does what she does.

The Furry/Feathery Staff

Mandi Lynn

Oh we have furry and feathered support staff as well.   Our Bunny's name is Fufu and she is the most redunculously cute animal on the planet.   She hops around our garden and gives snuggles.  Oh and a chicken named Lulu who looks like a grey version of Rod Stewart.  Plus Mews and Mojo the cats.

Which should start to give you the idea that it isn't your normal photography studio.

We have our fuzzy things because they serve a very important role.

#1 they are cute.

#2 if you happen to like fuzzy things they help to calm your nerves.

Mandi Lynn

The only choice you need to make is do you want a minisession that lasts an hour or do you go all out and get a half day session that includes a hair and makeup tutorial and styling?

Teen Confidence Shoot

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