What is the secret to a brilliant family photo?


Spoil Mum First!

We turn the whole family photography experience on its head.  Instead of mum having to herd cats and arriving at a photoshoot slightly frazzled with now irritable kids in tow.  We get her to come on her own first.

See we focus on Mum/Mums


Dads and kids...they are easy.  Mums not so much.  We have layers and sometimes struggle with self-compassion. We have heaps for our kids...struggle to apply it to ourselves.  And lets face it.  Muming is hard.

And if mums happy everyone is happy (usually).



So we spend the morning spoiling and pampering mum while someone looks after the rug rats.


We do her hair and makeup.


We feed her lunch out of our organic garden.

Let her raid our wardrobe.

Mandi Lynn

Then the bubbies/kids/partner get to rock up and see their gorgeous mumma and get some photos.

Mums relaxed.  The kids are relaxed.  We play, have fun, and create a lifetime of memories.

Yummy Mummy Family Portrait Wellington New Zealand

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  • Hair and Makeup Tutorial (so you learn how to apply your own makeup beautifully)
  • Access to our wardrobe for styling and amazing dress ups. (So you can really push your look)
  • 1/2 day session ( to relax and work through any camera shyness and shoot more outfits)
  • Lunch out of our organic garden (because modeling is hungry work)
  • First Access double passes to any of our body compassion public workshops. (continue on your self-compassion journey)
  • 1 fine art heirloom quality fine art print + digital negative of that image (so you can always be reminded of how you felt on the day)
  • Curated viewing session of additional images (so that if the budget can stretch you have other options to purchase)


Yummy Mummy Nika 2
Yummy Mummy Nika

Eka & Family

Eka & FamilyGetting a family photo is not something easy for us, especially my husband does not like his photo taken. With 100 days of our baby coming up with cherry blossoms in Spring, my wish start blossoming again. We decided to have a photo-shoot on Sunday just to get one decent photo of my baby. But, the process was so fun and Mandi successfully took photo of my husband as well. And.. Ooh lala... we have a nice family photo and other great photos!!! My favourite one is obviously photo of my husband and my baby (two lovely persons in my world). It becomes such a valuable photo for me. Thank you Mandi for making my wish come true and be part of our wonderful experience in my family. All these photos will be presented as Christmas presents to our family back home.

Eka & FamilyEka & Family

Carys & Martin

Carys & Martin"What we kinda assumed would be a one off experience, blossomed into an opportunity to capture the first years of our family as it began. Inspired and nurtured by souls who, (while wielding a thoughtful & creative professional mind) repeatedly welcomed us into their home with genuine warmth and the kind familiarity of friends."

Carys & MartinCarys & Martin

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