Why this is for you…

As A Starting Place - You are in the right place if any of these apply...

You want to be shown how beautiful you can be.

Mandi Lynn

You would like to recover and celebrate your sensuality


You would like to celebrate the people you love most in the world

Mother Daughter

You want your girl to understand her unique beauty and her power

Mandi Lynn

On a Deeper Level

Our Studio is for you if:

  • You are a woman that thinks that one of the most beautiful things in the world is a confident girl.
  • You want the next generation of women to be even stronger and more powerful than this generation.
  • You worry about the pressure girls face from social media.
  • You wouldn't mind a little mojo refreshing of your own.
  • If this sounds like you.  Then you are our kind of person.   Welcome to A La Mojo Studios where girl power and feminine mojo are celebrated.



You want your money to pay it forward in the world


We are a photography studio that has won heaps of awards for our work both as artists and as social change leaders.   We make you look good, feel good, and do good.   The dollars you spend with us get recycled into the charitable trust started by our studio called Every Body is a Treasure.  This ensures that we are able to deliver our Girls Got Grit Program in the local community.   Girls Got Grit works to decrease self-harm in girls and increase gratitude, grit, and self-compassion.  Ultimately this is a charity that is designed to increase local and global feminine mojo.


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Why Mojo?

Mojo as we see it is energy directed towards bringing the world your gifts.   Something that only exists in the world because you do.    If your mojo is low it means that you are struggling to unlock your potential.  If your mojo is high you are getting out of your own way and bringing your gifts to life.

What does this have to do with photography?

Plenty.  If you struggle with how you look you waste energy.  The energy that the world needs you to be investing in your gifts.   If we can show you your own unique beauty and create art showcasing it...it is one less thing you need to worry about and you can get on with directing your energy in a useful direction.  Even on bad hair days you can look at your images and think..."I clean up pretty darn fine... it's all good. "  The pressure gets dialed down.

The photography is just a tool to help you unlock some of your mojo.  We also teach classes, make movies,  run workshops, and hold retreats.   Our only focus is raising the level of feminine power in the world to create a healthier more compassionate balance of power.   The only pathway to world peace begins with self-compassion.  Relieving body shame in the women we come in contact with is one of the ways we do our part to make the world a kinder place.

Purchase a Mojo Makeover
Book your Photoshoot Makeover


  • Hair and Makeup Tutorial (so you learn how to apply your own makeup beautifully)
  • Access to our wardrobe for styling and amazing dress ups. (So you can really push your look)
  • 1/2 day session ( to relax and work through any camera shyness and shoot more outfits)
  • Lunch out of our organic garden (because modeling is hungry work)
  • First Access double passes to any of our body compassion public workshops. (continue on your self-compassion journey)
  • 1 fine art heirloom quality fine art print + digital negative of that image (so you can always be reminded of how you felt on the day)
  • Curated viewing session of additional images (so that if the budget can stretch you have other options to purchase)

Why this is for you…

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