Can I afford this?

You love the idea of a day of being treated but you are concerned that you might get stung by the print prices at the end.

Fair enough.

The images are not free. You have to choose to invest in yourself. We invest in you with over 8 hours of our time to create a work of art featuring you; and that isn’t even including the post production time for images you choose. My expectation in working with you is that you will honour what we created, pick your favourites, and then have them printed and display them or keep them in a private cherished spaced to help feed your spirit when you need a boost. Our images which come with a digital negative that you can reprint as many times as you want, start at $397. So if you can’t afford to get one image it is best that you not accept the offer (we will refund you any money that you paid on the day) because it will leave you frustrated and feeling like you couldn’t back yourself. And also just a fair warning that most people so fall in love with the images that we create that they end up getting at least the Silver package that has a selection of the images of the day in it, plus 12 prints high quality prints. Just fair warning. You don’t have to get one…but you will want to. So if you are ready to finally honour yourself and have the means to do so for at least one image then by all means book in. The image pricelist can be found here.

There are payment options as well:

For Packages there is a $500.00 deposit and then you can take as long as you like to pay off the rest.  You will get the images once they have been paid for completely.   There is no interest charged this is just you paying off your prints.
If it is for an individual image or a bundle you are able to just pay for it over time and again when it is paid for you can get it.
If you are keen but the timing is just a bit stink right now by all means stay on our mailing list.  We send out tips and tricks and sometimes even look for people of all shapes and sizes to feature in our fine art.   And when the time is right contact us and we will be happy to do the shoot with you.
Mandi Lynn

Can I afford this?

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