You have a voucher from the fair and you are not sure how to use it.

Step 1: Is it useful to you

It will be of use to you if any of the following apply

  • You have a girl you need to get a gift for
  • You have a mother you need to get a gift for
  • You haven't recently had a good photo taken of yourself
  • You have a friend who could use a bit of a Mojo Boost (or you do)
  • You dont have any decent family photographs.

Why US?

We will make you look but most importantly feel wonderful.  We are New Zealand's #1 Body Positive Photography studio and we can claim that because not only have we won heaps of awards for our work...but we have also created a body positive charity to further our work in the community.

If you won 100.00 or 50.00 of image credit you will need to buy a photoshoot to go with it.

If you won a minisession there is a 20.00 booking fee but you will get this back as image credit once you have come.

If you have a +image* this means that if you pay in full on the day for other photographs we will give you a bonus image as well.

Please see the pricelist before booking...but also note that we do do no interest payment plans for imagery.


What are the options?

Girl Power Session/Giftbox Mojo Makeover Mini Session
Shoot Duration 1 hour "½ Day" 1 hour
Bring Whole Family One special person! Up to 6 people Up to 6 people
Preshoot consultation
Dress Ups - Use of our extensive beautiful wardrobe to play dress up
Outfit Changes (Time permitting) ±2 changes 5+ changes ±2 changes
Curated viewing session of images (no pressure for choices but expert help available)
Promotion Includes an Image (7x10 Digital)
Hair and Makeup
Vouchers to Girl Power Events
Lunch Included
Value $1079 $837 $290
Price $97 $197 $20
Contact Details

Contact Details

Phone: (04)210-7776

Christmas 2018 Promotion

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