What images do you need for a Modelling Portfolio?

Wellington is a very interesting city for modelling and acting.   The film industry is rich and well we have WOW and Wellington Fashion Week.   I think as cities go acting is a bit easier here…  It is who you know many times and anyone who has spent more than a day here will tell you that instead of 6 degrees of separation there are usually about 1/2 in Wellington.

I have had work published in Vogue Italia and have won international awards for my fashion photography which is cool and everything but I have to be honest.  I am a bit skeptical when it comes to the whole thing.   I love the beauty of it.  I love the creativity.  I HATE the homogeneous and the pressure to be only one size which is why I am really enjoying the current trend that is leaning more into showcasing a variety of bodies.

Because of my background I am often asked about modelling portfolios so here are my thoughts after years of helping people with them.


What photos do I need to get cast?

  • A good clean natural makeup headshot
  • A 3/4 shot
  • Full length that shows of your body’s natural shape so skinny jeans and a tighter fitting singlet or something along those lines with a pair of heels.
  • As many good editorial shots as you can get done.  Editorial is referring to the ones that have a more high fashion feel and are often taken in interesting locations with more avante garde clothing.


The second most common question I get asked is how do I get an agent?

  • The first thing you will need to do is get at least a few descent shots taken and send them to the agent.
  • In Wellington the two agents that I have had the most to do with and have had nothing but good experiences with are Voda Model Management and Kirsty Bunny.
  • One of the other places that I often cast for my fine art work is  from is Star Now. 

Should I get my daughter into Modelling?

  • That depends.  What is she like?  Water off a ducks back sort of girl just get in get it done and get out?  How does she handle failure?
  • What is her self esteem like?  My Photoshoots can help with self esteem but taking it to the level of modelling can often have a backfire effect if the girl isn’t solidly confident in her own skin and she faces unsuccessful casting calls.
  • Why is she wanting to do it?  For loads of money?  Unless you are willing to relocate to Auckland the chances of making a killing are very limited.  Most modelling money is made overseas and usually in Asia.  Many of the agencies have contracts with overseas agencies to send them young models with a certain look.
  • If you don’t get an agent please understand that this doesn’t mean that you are not good enough.  It might just mean that in Wellington that agent already has someone on her books who has a similar look.  It is objective rather than subjective in these cases.