If I’m not exactly body positive why should I go to a body positive photography studio?


Here is what you need to know.

I don't give a toss how much you weigh.  How much you were teased as a kid.  How well you fit into your jeans.  If you are a cool kid or not (I'm not).  What I care about is you.  Your talents, your gifts, your super power.  Because I know the world needs it.  And if you waste your energy worrying about crap that really doesn't matter then the world loses.

Many women who come to have a shoot with me mark it as a significant turning point in their life.  Our sessions are one part photography and one part girl power coaching.  They are sessions to help you remember your power. Your strength your reason for being on this planet.

It isn't about looking hot...but it is too.  When you can see and feel your unique beauty you have more power to take on the world.  I give you a totem of that.  I help you capture something that is like Kryptonite to the trillion dollar industry that only thrives when your confidence shrinks.

So there it is.  If you aren't yet body positive.  Then a body positive studio is really where you need to be.

Oh and if you aren't really body positive and you are responsible for helping to raise a daughter.  Then please please please please come and see me.  Because body shame is like a virus and it spreads from mother to daughter.  There is a cure.  My life's work is to help mums find it...but it starts with draining your own swamp.

5 Years ago I wasn't body positive.

Nope I was actually kind of a right jerk to myself.  In fact if you recorded my inner dialog...you wouldn't want to play it where a child could hear it, that's for sure.

Now I can honestly tell you that I treat my body like it is my best friend ( I am a lot of fun to have as a friend).   And my inner dialog is for the most part compassionate...yes of course my inner jerk pipes up from time to time but she doesn't get a chance to hog the mike any more.

So what changed?

Honestly I decided I was over being mean to myself.

I can tell you it wasn't exactly over night that it happened.  More like a slow filling of a pool by a hose.  I learned how to drain the swamp of my thoughts.  And I slowly filled it up with compassion.  It was a process.

I started treating myself as lovely as I treated my photography clients.   And the nicer I was to myself honestly the better a photographer I became.  I had a depth of empathy for female struggles and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.   This makes me a better  guide to women whose insecurities get kicked into high gear when a camera is aimed at them.   Because I get it.  Oh do I get it.

I became so passionate about self compassion, that I started the Every Body is a Treasure Trust which supports tweens, teens, mothers and women to navigate the body positive adventure where ever they are on it.


You don't need to be body positive to come to the studio to get a photo.  In fact, if you aren't...all the more reason.

Body shame wastes energy.

Energy loss drains your Mojo.

Our studio is all about recharging your Mojo.

So if your Mojo is feeling more like NoGo...  Then book a session and get a fill up.

Because here is what is going to happen.  I take one look at you and see all the gorgeousness that you have been trained to ignore.  I will show you how to take your inner sparkle and bring it to the surface.


Its what I do.  I win awards for this shizza.

Let me show you what I can do with you.


"My daughter has been teased for her slender body shape and has struggled with self confidence because of it. After spending time with Mandi she has absolutely flourished. Her photos were stunning and she has really embraced her body shape since the shoot. Her photos make her feel like a Queen, and after years of turning away from her dancing talent due to low self esteem now she has decided to give it another try. I cannot thank Mandi enough for such an amazing and inspiring event. HIGHLY recommended!! Xx" Sammie Lee